Special Releases 2022 – Elusive Expressions

Rare and collectable Scotch whiskies, pushing the boundaries of flavour

Introducing Elusive Expressions Special Releases Scotch Whisky Collection. This unusual collection of eight aged and finely finished whiskies delivers rarity, flavour and fantasy to capture the curiosity of today’s whisky explorers.


Hand-selected by Master Blender Dr. Craig Wilson, new cask finishes meet depth of complexity and character, resulting in unexpected flavours, whilst the collection stalwart’s smokiest reserves are revived under the Elusive Expressions theme.

“This year we’ve gone further, pushing boundaries with the flavours and the finishes to create a collection that truly redefines what cask-strength whiskies can be. From abundantly rich, to strikingly rare flavours, each one is vividly bought to life with new energy.”

Dr Craig Wilson, Master Blender


Pouring from some of our oldest whisky dynasties in Scotland, this year’s collection pushes the boundaries of flavour uncovering treasures and rare finds in limited quantities. This cask-strength whisky collection embraces prominent contrasts, experimenting with extended secondary maturation techniques and new cask finishes including Tawny Port and Red Muscato casks to impart different flavours for fans of the distilleries to enjoy.


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