Mortlach Special Releases 2022, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl / ABV: 57.8%

As our legend goes, one fateful night the moon turned blood-red in the Mortlach sky and a mysterious alchemy came to pass. The Beast of Dufftown transformed under the sanguine glow, and soared through the night sky, a mythic creature drawn upward by the mesmerising crimson orb. Deep inside the Mortlach stills, the blood moon’s influence echoed, its seductive ruby richness and dark complexity transformed Mortlach itself with a rare and bewitching nature.


Nestled in its dark, historic vale, Mortlach has long lured aficionados to its deep and magnetic character. It has its own aura; the light seems to draw lower through its hallowed doors. Even the way of things is different, the whisky 2.81 times distilled in six singing stills arranged in a pattern found nowhere else. Part science, part mystery. Bold, yet enigmatic.


Gleaming with ruby light, this legendary whisky was finished in a combination of Virgin Oak, Tawny Port and Red Muscat wine casks enhancing its deep amber colour. Robust aromas of rich wine and sweet grape entwine with Mortlach meatiness. Dark and richly layered, the intense, lively and sweetly fruity taste glows with gingery depth spiced by original part-maturation in Virgin Oak. Late at night, in flickering light, the finish soars above all. A whisky to cherish; sweetness, darkness and depth drawn together in mystical union.

Tasting Notes


Gleaming gold with ruby lights.


Medium to full.


Robust savoury, rich notes evoke a hearty cassoulet with haricots, tomatoes, spicy sausage, and crisp pork belly. Intriguing aromas of grape and red wine entwine with this meatiness then, as the nose develops, become more mineral.


Rich and smoothly mouth-filling in texture, while the deep and intense taste is sweetly fruity rather than meaty, and spicy-dry, as the virgin oak makes its presence felt. Magnificently lively, with a richly layered taste, in which hints of ginger lead a spicy dance. A dash of water fashions a delicious, harmonious and strong marriage between fruitiness and black pepper spiciness.


Long and deeply impressive, with power, fruit and black pepper in perfect harmony, a spicy kick as it goes down and a warming glow spreading across the palate. Finally, the palate is left dry, bathed in a glorious afterglow. A drop of water adds a dash of acidity.