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A worker pushing a cask towards the Brora distillery gate

Brora: an icon reawakened

Brora whisky is exclusive, limited and world-renowned. The legendary distillery closed in 1983, turning it into one of the great, lost distilleries of the world. Following a three-year, meticulous  restoration and a new vision for the future, Brora famously reopened its wildcat doors again in 2021.  

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A map of Scotland pinning Perthshire's location

A scenic setting

Brora distillery is set amidst the dramatic Highland landscape of its remote Highland home of Sutherland on the North-East coast of Scotland.  Built amongst beautiful, rolling hills, its surroundings are nothing short of majestic.

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Honouring the past and illuminating its future 

"When we first opened the doors at Brora, we walked into a time capsule...", says Diageo archivist Joanne McKerchar.

For decades, Brora has been viewed as one of the icons of the whisky world. During its time of closure, Brora whisky gained legendary status, celebrated by connoisseurs around the globe. 
In 2024, a new dawn beckons at Brora and heralds a new era of whisky-making. The time-honoured crafts passed through generations will begin to reveal themselves, as the restored Brora Distillery passes a watershed moment of time and whisky-making history. 
Three years on from Brora’s reawakening, three years on from the filling of the first casks, Brora will continue its remarkable legacy – no longer to be classed ‘new make spirit’, but now they will finally become whisky; they will become Brora. 

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Private client experience

Immerse yourself in the past, present and future of Brora distillery. Visitors will have the chance to taste ultra-rare releases, including exclusive bottlings that are only ever available within the distillery's doors. As one of Diageo's smallest distilleries, Brora experiences are intimate and exclusive. To learn more about planning your visit, contact our private client team.

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Brora was, in my eyes, a project fuelled by both history and passion. A now or never moment to return an iconic ghost distillery back to its former splendour.Andrew T Flatt, Brora Brand Home Host 

Restoring a legend 

Brora Distillery was founded in 1819 by the Marquess of Strafford. In 1983, a small Highlands distillery fell silent and the doors of the stillhouse locked. The distillery workers that had crafted spirit within it put down their tools and walked away, for what they thought would be for good. A distillery suspended in time for thirty-eight years, Brora opened its gates once again, after years of meticulous brick by brick restoration.

Black and white Brora distillery
Brora distillery arial view
A map of Scotland pinning Perthshire's location

Spotlighting sustainability 

In addition to honouring Brora's legendary past, the restored distillery is proudly spotlighting sustainability. As a new dawn for Brora, the distillery has installed a biomass boiler powered by sustainably sourced wood chips. Diageo's president of supply and procurement, Ewan Andrew explains that "Brora will be a carbon neutral distillery entirely powered by on-site renewable energy. This marks a major milestone on our journey to invest in Scotland, its rural communities and the future of Scotch whisky.”

Our Brora portfolio

While Brora possesses the classic highland smokiness, it also has a unique waxy character that is rarely found in modern whiskies. This enticing combination creates a wonderfully smooth and luxurious mouthfeel.

Brora Triptych

Discover a truly special, once in a generation release to mark the momentous reopening of the Brora distillery 38 years after it closed. 

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Brora Triptych packaging shot

Brora: 44 Year Old, Untold Depths

Brora 44 year old bottle on a table and the packaging behind the bottle

A new era dawns as Brora announces the release of a second distillery exclusive bottling. Brora 44-Year-Old Untold Depths celebrates the distillery’s history and acknowledges a place of deep mystery, Warehouse No 1, where many of the distillery’s most treasured casks have matured over the years. The famed styles of the past are once again being crafted as Brora enters a ‘New Age of Peat.’ Brora 44-Year-Old Untold Depths will not be bottled for many years. However, visitors of the distillery can sample this iconic release on the Eras of Brora tour.

Natural wonders around Brora  

A short drive from Brora Distillery, Dunrobin Castle plays host to their own living legends, providing unforgettable and immersive wildlife experiences. 

Dunrobin Castle

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