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Mortlach 30 Year Old
Midnight Malt Single Malt Whisky

Made to be savoured after dark

When day transcends to night as light changes and shadows emerge, senses are heightened, conversations take an intriguing twist and the deepest darkest secrets are revealed.

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Mortlach 30 Year old Midnight Malt bottle next to a neat serve of rare whisky

Mortlach Midnight Malt captures the intensity of this moment, a rare & magnetic invitation into the boldest, deepest and most intriguing expression of our malt.

The unexpected richness and accentuated flavour of this finely aged 30 year old whisky, emerge through a three cask finish of bold provenance: Bordeaux wine, Calvados and Guatemalan rum.

A rich, deep, dark whisky to savour slowly after dark

Mortlach 30 Year old Midnight Malt bottle in its luxury packaging

Full bodied, with a richly winey, apple fruity and mouth watering start to delight the palate, backed by a long spicy intensity with a delicious black pepper note that really persists.


Mortlach Midnight Malt will be released in extremely limited batches, with only 350 bottles released annually.

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