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Talisker45 Year Old Glacial Edge, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl / 49.8% ABV

Talisker bottle
Talisker bottle and box

Talisker distillery’s first-ever release of a 45-year-old Single Malt Scotch whisky, unearths new, resilient depths of the Talisker character. Revealing unexplored richness, complexity and a unique untamed flavour which is attributed to the whisky travelling deeper into the casks to obtain spicier and sweeter aromas from the American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels. Finished in ice-fractured casks to unearth a new depth of flavour, this exquisitely rare new Single Malt Scotch whisky from Talisker is the final release in a series of adventures in wild whisky making.

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Tasting Notes

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Glowing amber. Exceptional beading.

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Rich, dry and mellow overall, with a light peppery prickle at first. Clear maritime top notes speak of tide-line seaweed, sand dunes, iodine; their mineral companions suggest slaked lime and salt crystals. Behind them a faint dried fruit complex with hints of fig, sultana, or prune lends body and richness. Light smoke threads the background, touched by aromatic sandalwood. A drop of water tends to close the aromas yet adds richness to the fruity sweetness, with notes of fruit salad coming through.

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Full, rich.

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The texture is all-enveloping; smooth and mouth-filling. On first sip the taste starts richly sweet, while it becomes delightfully salty, smoky and increasingly peppery mid-palate; even at this age there is still a fine chilli ’catch’. A dash of water reduces the peppery note slightly and there is more attractive saltiness, suggesting salted caramels.

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Very long, with a trace of candle wax in a glorious chilli pepper effect that grows and glows in the aftertaste. Saltier at reduced strength and slightly less peppery, now with faint scented smoke in the aftertaste.

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