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Royal Lochnagar distillery

Royal Lochnagar: a Royal seal of approval

Royal Lochnagar Distillery sits at the foot of the Cairngorm mountains, situated a mile away from Balmoral Castle. With its rich history dating back to 1826, Royal Lochnagar continues to give its malt whisky a privileged start in life, enhanced by hand-crafting and long fermentation. Its stills are among the smallest in Scotland and production is naturally limited by their small size, ensuring rarity and exclusivity of Royal Lochnagar whisky. 

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A map of Scotland pinning Royal Deeside in the Highlands location

An ethereal setting

The tiny distillery is nestled close to the River Dee and as part of its process, combines the crystal clear water of the Scarnock springs with local barley. A picturesque location on Royal Deeside in the Highlands of Scotland inspires the unique character of Royal Lochnagar, creating a golden and delicious Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 

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A room full of casks of whiskies from Royal Lochnagar distillery

Our coveted coronation bottle

A limited-edition, Single Malt whisky was unveiled as a coronation gift for His Royal Highness, King Charles III. This special gift also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the distillery’s first royal visit by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1848. The cask was generously donated by Royal Lochnagar to be bottled and sold in aid of His Royal Highness King Charles’s charity - The Prince’s Foundation.

Royal Lochnagar distillery machinery in action
I’m proud to lead a team of highly skilled operators who use traditional, manual methods of production to create a delicate Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, rich with fruit, wood and toffee notes.Andrew Thain, Distillery Manager

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Plan your trip to the timelessly charming Royal Lochnagar. For its exceptional commitment to sustainability, the distillery has been awarded the Green Tourism Award. Visiting Royal Lonchagar will be an experience to remember, giving you a chance to learn more about the history, processes and flavours of this regal gem.

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Crowned from the ashes

The first 'Lochnagar' distillery was built in 1826 by James Robertson on the north side of the river Dee, near the Lochnagar mountain. Unfortunately, in 1841, the distillery was burned to the ground, a blaze thought to have been started by Robertson’s illicit competitors.     In 1845, John Begg built a new Lochnagar Distillery on the south side of the river. This is the distillery we know today.      The distillery's regal standing was earned in 1848 when Her Majesty Queen Victoria stopped by for a visit during her travels in the area. After tasting the whisky, the Queen was incredibly impressed and soon issued a Royal Warrant. This allowed the distillery to add the esteemed ‘Royal’ status to its name. 

Royal Lochnagar Distillery near a mountain and a sheep in the foreground
Royal Lochnagar Distillery entrance with an open door

Casks of Distinction

Royal Lochnagar is home to a number of maturing casks from our Casks of Distinction programme. This programme allows collectors to buy highly-esteemed individual casks from some of the rarest and most exceptional Single Malt Scotch whiskies in Scotland.

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A cask of Royal Lochnagar in a dim lighting

Our Royal Lochnagar Portfolio 

As a famously softer, more gentle expression of the Highland region, Royal Lochnagar whisky is a typically delicate malt that offers fruits, planed wood and light toffee. The tiny production of just two small hand-filled batches each week permits longer fermentations to protect the whisky’s smooth, fruity flavour, as well as shorter ones to emphasise its robust nutty-spicy notes. This unique mix of long and short fermentation gives the whisky its exceptional smoothness and balance.

Royal Lochnagar 16 Year Old 

A refined example of Royal Lochnagar, somewhat shy on the nose yet full of character in the mouth. Easy to enjoy, especially as an apéritif. On the palate, this is a lithe, vital Royal Lochnagar with all the nimble freshness of spring and sunshine in its really appealing texture and taste.

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Royal Lochnagar 16 Year Old lifestyle bottle shot
Royal Lochnagar 1981 bottle shot

Royal Lochnagar 1981

Royal Lochnagar 1981 is one of eight carefully curated whiskies in the third instalment of the Prima & Ultima series. This is a graceful, mature whisky of great freshness and vitality with aromas of honeysuckle, rose and bramble, leading to a smooth creamy mouthfeel.  

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Royal Lochnagar castle

Much more to explore

Extend your visit with a tour and stroll around the scenic grounds of Balmoral castle, situated just next to Royal Lonchagar. The grand estate is a tranquil summer residence for the royal family.


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