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Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old

Talisker Glacial Edge

Finished in ice-fractured casks to unearth a new depth of flavour, this exquisitely rare new Single Malt Scotch whisky from Talisker is the final release in a series of adventures in wild whisky making.

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A Glacial Voyage

Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old

Twelve heavily charred American Oak casks were taken into the frozen lands of Canada’s ice fields. The ends of the casks were left exposed to sub-zero temperatures and biting Arctic winds for 96 hours. This allowed the extreme cold to fracture the wood which in turn increased the surface area of the casks that the whisky was able to interact with during the finishing period in Scotland.


Talisker's Wildest Whisky Yet

The journey to the ice fields was taken hand in hand with Talisker’s partner Parley For the Oceans, and led by pioneering glacier scientist Dr. Alison Criscitiello, alongside surfer Greg Long, and snowboarder Taylor Godber. This is the third year of Talisker working with Parley to support raising awareness on the importance of the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems globally, and a portion of the funds from Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old will be donated to support this cause.

An outstanding Talisker, full-bodied, rounded and complex yet still vital and vivacious. The distillery character is beautifully modified by age, but still very apparent.Charles Maclean MBE, Whisky expert

Taliskers First-Ever 45-Year-Old Release

This Single Malt Scotch whisky was aged for over four decades, revealing unexplored richness, complexity and a unique untamed flavour which is attributed to the whisky travelling deeper into the casks to obtain spicier and sweeter aromas from the American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels.

Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old
Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old

Talisker 44-Year-Old: Forests of the Deep

Born of the sea, this Single Malt Scotch whisky was created as a reflection of the power and beauty of our oceans, inspired by an expedition led by Parley for the Oceans, Talisker’s partner in ocean conservation, to one of the world’s largest sea kelp forests near the Cape of Good Hope.


Talisker 43-Year-Old Xpedition Oak: The Atlantic Challenge

A whisky truly shaped by nature, this Single Malt Scotch was aged for over four decades, before being finished in casks including wooden staves that traversed the Atlantic with adventurer James Aiken on a 3,264 mile sailing quest.

Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old

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