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River and forest in a beautiful Scottish landscape

An exclusive selection of unique distillery experiences, now available from Diageo Rare & Exceptional.

The ultimate luxury whisky distillery experiences: Explore Scotland like never before

Set in some of the most unspoilt landscapes and spectacular city centres, Diageo’s world-renowned distilleries and experiences are just the start of your Scottish adventure. From the Highlands to the Lowlands and across the Islands, each holds a unique balance of bustling culture and flourishing flora and fauna ready to be discovered.

Experience our brand homes across Scotland and enjoy moments curated exclusively by Diageo’s private client teams. Journey behind closed doors, where gems are uncovered and once-in-a-lifetime moments are carefully curated to be treasured forever.

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Unforgettable Distillery Experiences

Whisky tasting in Brora Distillery
The gate of Brora Distillery

A thriving Scottish trade for more than half a millennium, the ancient art of whisky making is inextricably linked to the tradition and cultural fabric of this country today. From our meticulously restored Brora Distillery to the newly refurbished Talisker Distillery nestled on the rugged shores of the Isle of Skye, our private distillery experiences can be enjoyed with the abundance of luxuries Scotland has to offer. Immerse yourself in a world of exceptionally rare whiskies, meet the craftspeople behind them and delve into the history that sculpted them.

Brora Triptych products

Visit the Legend

Closed in 1983, the myth of Brora’s legend was kept alive only by whispered tales passed down through generations of the distillery’s craftspeople. Suspended in time, Brora distillery reopened its Scottish wildcat gates in 2021 after three years of meticulous brick-by-brick restoration. Journeying beyond these iconic gates is a rare experience, available by appointment only. Request your visit to Brora and witness the legacy of this prestigious Single Malt.

Immersive Whisky Experiences

In addition to the in-person experiences available to private clients, Diageo Rare & Exceptional are able to offer exclusive sessions which provide a chance to celebrate our precious whiskies in the privacy of your own home. Through live streamed events and online masterclasses, those seeking remote access to our experiences, expertise and portfolio can comfortably do so from wherever in the world they desire.

Whisky tasting in a lounge room.

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