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MortlachMortlach 21 Year Old Special Release 2020, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl / 56.9% ABV

Mortlach 21 Year Old, Special Releases 2020 Bottle and Box
Mortlach 21 Year Old, Special Releases 2020 Bottle
Mortlach 21 Year Old, Special Releases 2020 Box
Mortlach 21 Year Old, Special Releases 2020 Close Up
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This Mortlach was matured for rich distillery character in small batches then carefully finished in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso-seasoned casks to build yet more levels of aroma and taste. At once smooth, sweet and savoury, the many-layered outcome mirrors the complexity of the mysterious Mortlach 2.81 distillation itself. Called the “The Beast of Dufftown” for its robust, meaty nature, little known Mortlach may be the best-kept secret in Scotch. Bold flavours are the mark of this special breed, distinguishing it as the monarch of its glen as surely as the bellow of a mature red deer stag. The aromas run deep, swirling with dark dried fruits and savoury, meaty notes. The texture is super-smooth, the intense taste is sweet with rich fruit and cured ham, building to a lingering spicy-dryness. Long and impressive, the finish truly emphasizes this harmony of sweetness and spice, leaving the palate dry in a glorious afterglow. A rare release with very limited availability of 7,692 bottles worldwide. Here, finishing in Jamaican Rum casks, a vibrant tropical sweetness awakens. Golden colour vies with smooth texture, as heady sweet aromas of pink grapefruit and ripe mango beguile the nose. On the palate the smooth rum toffee-sweet taste offers drying, exotic hints of spiced pineapple and green banana. Bursting with lush aromas- a whisky that tastes of paradise.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep gold with amber lights. Good beading.

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Medium to full.

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A mellow, rounded, nose with some prickle. The first impression is of rich, dried fruits, and beneath this fresh-baked buttered scones, perhaps spread with lime marmalade. Soon this becomes lightly savoury and meaty but retains a slight citric note. A drop of water modifies the latter and reduces the aroma.

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At natural strength, mild for its strength and super-smooth in texture, while the wonderfully rich mouth-filling taste is immediately sweet overall with dried fruits, then intense and savory with a surprising kick of chili pepper as it goes down. Magnificently feral and delicious. Drying overall, with rich tannins. Similar with a dash of water, which raises a little more sweet, spiced fruit.

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Seemingly endless and deeply impressive, with fruit and spiciness in perfect harmony and a warming glow spreading across the palate. Finally leaving the palate dry, yet wreathed in a glorious rich afterglow.

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