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Royal Lochnagar1981 - Single Malt Whisky - Prima & Ultima Third Release

70cl / 52.5% ABV

Royal Lochnagar 1981 Prima & Ultima Third Release
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Royal Lochnagar 1981 is a tiny batch of Royal Lochnagar, part of a pioneering experiment to gain the angels’ share, the whisky lost from the cask by evaporation. When the experiment ended, a small amount of liquid was transferred into the present casks, to slumber peacefully until its fifth decade. Selected by Dr Craig Wilson, Royal Lochnagar 1981 is one of eight carefully curated whiskies in the third instalment of the Prima & Ultima series.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep gold with copper lights. Fine and lingering beading, multiple long legs.

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A mellow nose with light prickle. Aromas of honeysuckle, rose and bramble.

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A smooth, creamy and mouth- filling texture, and a sweet overall taste, very slightly waxy, with an intensely oaky and spicy start. Things soon become elegantly drying, with a real and growing warmth.

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Long, warming and spicy with an intense, spicy warmth spreading across the palate.

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