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Cardhu distillery

Cardhu: the warm spirit of Speyside

Cardhu is a celebrated Speyside distillery known for its elegant, gentle and smooth character. Cardhu keeps its doors open for whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs to enjoy an immersive, exclusive experience. Uncover Cardhu's female-empowered history, dedicated distillation process and unique flavours. 

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Hidden amidst rolling hills

Cardhu is hidden amidst rolling hills in Speyside, northern Scotland. Speyside is famous for its high density of distilleries with over fifty distilleries dotting the region.  Cardhu is the Speyside home of Johnnie Walker. Because of its gentle profile and uniquely light flavours, the distillery plays an important role in the Johnnie Walker story. 

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Resilient and revolutionary 

Cardhu Distillery was successfully run by two generations of pioneering women. Helen and Elizabeth Cumming were treasured for their determination, skill, generosity, and loyalty to the community, forever defining Cardhu as a whisky with heart. 

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Enter a distillery with heart 

Cardhu is known for its heart-filled, warm welcome. Guests can expect an incredible first impression with carefully thought out details curated throughout the touring experience.  Distillery experience at Cardhu are immersive and interactive. From tastings at the bar to behind the scenes insights, guests can enjoy a sensory-filled adventure at Cardhu. 

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A legacy of pioneering women

Cardhu was originally founded in 1824 by John and Helen Cumming. Like many farming neighbours in the Speyside region, the Cummings had took to illicit distilling. Helen played a key role in keeping the distillery running by tricking authorities and waving a red flag to warn her neighbours.  The distillery was rebuilt in 1885 and successfully run by John's daughter in-law, Elizabeth Cumming. Helen and Elizabeth were treasured leaders, known for their determination, skill, generosity, and loyalty to the community.  In 1893, Cardhu formed an iconic partnership with Johnnie Walker. At the end of Elizabeth Cumming's role in the distillery, she built cottages with running water for employees at the distillery. This generous act ensured that Cardhu remained at the heart of the community and kept her mother-in law Helen's legacy alive.  Today, the distillery is a vital part of the Johnnie Walker blended whisky collection as one of the Four Corner of Scotland Distilleries. 

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A cornerstone of Johnnie Walker

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"Cardhu brings those orchard fruits and lighter gentler notes to Johnnie Walker...It was the first distillery that they bought because they viewed it as being integral to making any great blended Scotch whisky. It remains one of the cornerstones of Johnnie Walker today."

Ewan Gunn, Diageo Senior Global Brand Ambassador

Our Cardhu Portfolio 

Cardhu whisky evokes orchard fruits, freshly cut grass, and cereal. A careful maturation process ensures its fully-developed character – Cardhu’s personal thumbprint.

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Cardhu: 14 Year Old Special Release 2021, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Lithe and light-bodied, this is a superb Cardhu expression, set off perfectly by a mysterious note of Parma violets and with all the timeless elegance of a perfect single flower. 

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Cardhu: 16 Year Old Special Release 2022, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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A richly honeyed Cardhu with lush, tropically sweet, rum cask-rounded flavours and peppery wood-spice, which combine to create a vibrant taste of paradise. 

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Much more to explore

With our sister distillery Cragganmore only a 15 minute drive away, there is a lot more to see during your visit to the heartlands of whisky. Cragganmore is home to one of the most complex and characterful malt whiskies in the region. Enjoy insightful guided tours, exclusive tastings and more during your visit. 

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