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The world of Diageo Rare & Exceptional is much more than a product: exploring our finest luxury spirits becomes an unforgettable experience, when enjoyed together with the experts and people who created them, or, even better, at the very place where they were distilled!

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Our suite of private tastings and travel options offers the ultimate in fine spirits appreciation, providing both a unique and unforgettable occasion, as well as unlocking a hightened level of enjoyment of your Rare & Exceptional collection in years to come.


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Bespoke Private Tasting Experiences

Diageo Rare & Exceptional: Private Client Service offers customized private tasting sessions where our specialists will work with you to select and develop the whisky flights that you or your clients will most enjoy. Then let our host take you on a journey through Scotland and the distilleries from which the whiskies you will be tasting are from. Learn why these whiskies are so rare and exclusive as well as interesting whisky facts. These bespoke private experiences are available for one-on-one or one-to-group sessions. Please contact us for more information.

a rare Scottish Whisky Distillery from the outside

Visit Our Distilleries

Our new ‘Destination Scotland’ programme offers unique luxury experiences that bring your personal whisky preferences to life. From smoky to delicate and light to rich, each of our bespoke regional experiences can be booked on their own or all together; offering you a unique perspective into Diageo’s rare & exceptional portfolio each time. Whether you have one week or one night, every itinerary is designed and personalized to meet your needs, ensuring you have an unforgettable and satisfying Scotland experience along with the best from Diageo. We look forward to welcoming you to Scotland.


Our Private Client Advisory team represents a global network of highly experienced industry experts from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

Our team is based in Scotland, Australia, the U.S., China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore and work collectively to ensure that each and every requirement of our clients, be it for collecting, or purely for passion, is fulfilled.

Providing Excellence.

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These teams can provide unparalleled access not only to some of the world’s rarest and finest spirits but also to the extensive luxury experiences which are accessible through Rare & Exceptional.

These experiences serve to enhance and deepen the understanding of our most revered spirits of impeccable quality. These teams exist to offer the highest level of service and access to our global audience of collectors and spirits aficionados.

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