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Port Ellen Distillery

Port Ellen: a trailblazing distillery, re-envisioned for the future

After more than 40 years of closure, Port Ellen famously reopened its doors in 2024. The legendary Islay distillery has undergone a radical transformation which draws on its pioneering heritage to lead a trailblazing future. It has been special designed from the ground up to push the boundaries of Scotch through visionary experimentation, and uncover the mysterious dimensions of flavour in smoke.

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A map of Scotland pinning Port Ellen's location

On the stunning whisky island of Islay

Port Ellen distillery is located on the scenic isle of Islay in Scotland. The re-envisioned distillery features a modern design with a clear view of its stunning surrounds. An unobstructed line of sight stretches over the coastline of Islay, across the bay to Carraig Fhada lighthouse. 

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Pushing the boundaries of Scotch

The new Port Ellen distillery is designed with experimentation and innovation in mind. The standout addition of a Ten Part Spirit Safe allows distillers to access unexplored flavours like never before. By pushing the boundaries of whisky distillation, Port Ellen aims to explore new and mysterious dimensions of smoke.

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We are deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of Scotch through experimentation – I’m excited to see what we can now create.Aimée Morrison, Port Ellen Master Distiller

The Atlas of Smoke

The Atlas of Smoke private experience is the perfect way to unearth the rich complexity of Port Ellen. Our guests can taste a variety of iconic whiskies including the latest release: Port Ellen Gemini.

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Port Ellen spiral stairs with a large orange ornament on the ceiling
Port Ellen distillery over a body of water

Visit Port Ellen Distillery

With its cutting-edge technology and explorative approach, visiting Port Ellen distillery is an experience like no other. An array of bespoke distillery experiences are available to book now including full day immersions for connoisseurs and behind the scenes insights into the distillery’s unique flavours. Learn more about each experience below. 

Building on a pioneering legacy

Established on Islay’s south coast in 1825, Port Ellen produced a distinctively smoky Scotch Whisky used primarily in blends, but ceased operating in 1983 alongside many other distilleries at the time. During closure, the whisky found incredible global acclaim and was eagerly sought out by collectors for its quality, character, and increasing rarity. After more than 40 years, the distillery has been reborn in 2024.

Port Ellen Distillery overlooking the sea side
A black and white photo of an old distillery

Our Port Ellen Portfolio 

Port Ellen Gemini marketing photography

Port Ellen Gemini

This iconic twin release of 44-year-old Single Malt Scotch whiskies mark the reopening of the legendary Port Ellen distillery. Each of the two bottles took diverging paths of maturation, making them uniquely extraordinary. Only 274 are available to purchase worldwide. From 19th of March, Port Ellen Gemini, a new release to celebrate the rebirth of the trailblazing Islay distillery, is now available to purchase. 

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A bottle of Port Ellen 1978 with the packaging

Port Ellen 1978

This whisky is regarded as a rare gem coming from legendary Port Ellen distillery and its finite and unparalleled maturing stock. Port Ellen 1978 is a true jewel in a crown of Prima & Ultima 4th release - a series of incredibly rare single vintage malt whiskies from Diageo’s great breadth of historic distilleries. 

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