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Clynelish1993 Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Prima & Ultima First Release

70cl / 49.8% ABV

Clynelish 1993, Prima and Ultima First Release, Bottle and Box
Clynelish 1993 Prima & Ultima  First Release Bottle
Clynelish Prima & Ultima 1993 Bottle Open Box

Clynelish has a much-prized waxy quality that long defied understanding. Among various theories on the source of the waxy smoothness, some believed it was brought out by the water from the Clynemilton Burn, which was used for distilling. Finally, not long before these casks were filled, it was found out that the secret lay in the way the stills were run, which affected how the feints and low wines gathered. Those fortunate enough to enjoy it will be able to appreciate the full depth of delightful waxy character in this sublime small release.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep Gold.

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Light to Medium.

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Melon, honey, red apples, buttercups, and butterscotch on the nose.

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Classic Clynelish wax on the palate. Herbal, with lemon juice that has a little sea salt mixed into it.

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Licorice and white pepper in the slightly oily finish.

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