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Johnnie WalkerBlended Scotch Whisky- Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Blue Label Elusive Umami

70cl / 43% ABV

Johnnie Walker Umami bottle and box

Master Blender Emma Walker and world-renowned Chef Kei Kobayashi have joined forces and years of expertise to create this exquisite blended scotch whisky. Selected casks from inland and coastal distilleries are hand-picked at the height of their maturation for their unique umami profile. Only one in 25,000 casks succeeds in bringing this elusive character to life.

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Tasting Notes

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Sweet and savoury, fresh green & red apples, confectionary sweetness, hints of cashew nut, notes of salt brine and savoury accentuated without losing freshness. A scent of aromatic persistence. 

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Apple and white peach touch the senses first. Sweet, smooth and long – mandarins, blood oranges and red berries, the longer finish of sweet wood spice, a touch of smoked meat, warming salt and pepper with a long, sweet fruit finish.

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The liquid has a long, sweet fruit finish of sweet wood spice.

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