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The Prima & Ultima Collection

Prima & Ultima

Prima & Ultima is a series of collectable releases of magnificent, incredibly rare single-vintage malts. Each is the first and last of its kind, drawn from a tiny number of highly sought-after casks with their own story to tell. Each release contains eight carefully selected exquisite and elusive whiskies.

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The Curators

Headshot of Dr Jim Beveridge OBE

Dr Jim Beveridge OBE

The inaugural 2020 collection and first release was selected by former Johnnie Walker Master Blender Dr Jim Beveridge OBE, he chose whiskies that represent distinct pivots in the history of Scotch, each telling a tale of heritage and craftsmanship.

Headshot of Maureen Robinson

Maureen Robinson

Master of Malts Maureen Robinson takes the mantle for the second release and 2021 collection, focusing on mature whiskies with distinctive histories and flavours which she personally regards as outstanding, including appearances from lesser known distilleries.

Headshot of Dr Craig Wilson

Dr Craig Wilson

Master Blender Dr Craig Wilson takes up the baton for the third release of the series in 2022, he has a passion for unearthing remarkable whiskies, curating mature whiskies that beckon a flavour and history rarely encountered.

Headshot of Dr Emma Walker

Dr Emma Walker

Master Blender Dr Emma Walker takes up the mantle from Prima & Ultima’s previous curators for the fourth release. Celebrated as a true master of malt, she has spent a luminous career at the forefront of Diageo’s finest work in whisky.

Prima and Ultima First Release

The initial collection of eight is unrepeatable and represent key changes in the history of Scotch production. They each tell a tale of heritage and craftsmanship, marking moments in time that make these precious casks, firsts and lasts of their kind.

The Prima & Ultima First Release complete collection of rare whiskies
The Prima & Ultima second Release complete collection of rare whiskies

Prima and Ultima Second Release

Honouring the sunrise and sunset in whisky history of some of Scotland’s most prestigious distilleries, this year’s gathering represents a wide breadth of single vintage malts from Diageo. Vintage malts from Diageo including new appearances from ghost distillery Convalmore, a piece of history from Auchroisk, and a very rare Lagavulin.


Prima and Ultima Third Release

The third instalment focuses on a moment in time representing the almost lost, the historic, and the one-off’s, the 2022 collection of eight rare and exceptional whiskies join the illustrious sixteen from previous editions, adding new stories into this growing narrative of Scotland’s rich liquid history.

The Prima & Ultima third Release complete collection of rare whiskies
The Prima & Ultima Fourth Release complete collection of rare whiskies

Prima and Ultima Fourth Release

Hand-selected from some of the finest distilleries in Scotland, the fourth release presents the chance to build one of the rarest and most exceptional liquid libraries in the world, including pioneering experiments and the dwindling remains from long lost ghost distilleries.


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