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Cragganmore1973 - Single Malt Whisky - Prima & Ultima Third Release

70cl / 44.8% ABV

Cragganmore  1973  Prima & Ultima Third Release

With complex aromas that include almond oil, this Cragganmore 1973 comes from the oldest casks we have, filled soon after the coal-heated stills turned to steam. This milestone in distilling gave birth to a new age in which craft and vision could walk hand in hand. Selected by Dr Craig Wilson, Cragganmore 1973 is one of eight carefully curated whiskies in the third instalment of the Prima & Ultima series. A pathfinder for the smooth whiskies of the modern-day, the nose is more complex than usual with a palate that is sweet but pleasantly tart.

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Tasting Notes

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Clear rich amber, polished mahogany. No beading. Long legs.

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Medium to full.

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A very mellow nose with just a little prickle to start, which soon disappears. In the rich top notes the immediate impression is almost sherry-like, soon becoming sweeter, with almond oil or almond cake. Also lightly fruity, with tropical fruits; papaya, ripe mango, plantain banana, and apricot. Finally, there are some fragrant floral notes, the base reminiscent of a sandalwood cigar wrapper.

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A creamy, even lightly oily texture and a sweet taste, which soon becomes pleasantly tart, with a hint of caramelised orange, then oaky-dry with light tannins.

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Quite long, with a gentle, spicy warmth, and finishing dry, with vanilla fudge lingering in the long aftertaste.

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