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Lagavulin1993 - Single Malt Whisky - Prima & Ultima Third Release

70cl / 50.1% ABV

Lagavulin  1993 Prima & Ultima Third Release

A prized Lagavulin, from the last two 1993 casks, filled in the year the distillery won the first of an avalanche of international awards. It was the start of a golden era, a success that owed much to an Islay legend, Manager Grant Carmichael. A Lagavulin at its mature peak with redcurrant fruitiness on the nose, soon overcome by the maritime scents of sea salt and sweet seaweed. Lightly oily, the smooth texture delivers a long mellow finish, a gloriously rich and rounded whisky.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep amber with ruby lights. Shiny chestnut. Very good beading and legs.

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Medium to full.

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A mellow nose in feel, with light prickle. Redcurrant fruitiness is soon overcome by maritime scents of sea-salt and sweet seaweed on a base of woodsmoke.

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Lightly oily and smooth in texture. An immediately sweet and lightly spicy start with winey fruit, a balancing pinch of salt and soon, appreciable pepper and smoke flooding through. Rich in style, with drying oak tannins and lightly drying later.

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Long, with a deep peppery smokiness: slightly mouth-cooling, with more smoke in the peaty aftertaste.

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