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Brora1977- Single Malt Scotch Whisky- Prima and Ultima Fourth Release

70cl / 48.2% ABV

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An unrepeatable gem from the last hogsheads filled in the last distillation of the year on the 15th December 1977. Marking the end of the era known as the ‘Age of Peat’ this feal amber-hued legend is rich and tempting, complex and rewarding on the nose and palate with a unique ‘sweet peat’ character.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep amber with copper lights. Reddish gold. No beading; very good, long legs.

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Very mellow, dense and complex, with no prickle. Familiar soft and fragrant notes suggesting scented candle wax are accompanied by a light mineral oiliness and a mere hint of sweet toffee. More fragrant in time. Water simplifies these notes, without materially changing them.

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At natural strength, there is a textbook oily, smoothly waxy texture, while the taste is sweet overall with light saltiness and smokiness, becoming spicier, with Cayenne pepper at the back. Delicious straight. A little water gives a certain sweetness to the taste but is not needed.

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Long warming and lightly drying, with gingery spice, a peaty kick and a menthol-like cool aftertaste.

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