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Talisker1976- Single Malt Scotch Whisky- Prima and Ultima Fourth Release

70cl / 50.9% ABV

Talisker 1976 bottle with box
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In 1976 Scotland basked in a once in a lifetime heatwave which made the stills run hot, increasing copper contact, creating this highly unusual Talisker. Standing as the oldest-ever release from Talisker, this forty six year old whisky was rested in a single puncheon gaining further complexity to this exceptionally rare malt.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep amber. Outstanding large beading, excellent legs.

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Medium to full.

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A mellow feel, with very light prickle perhaps just hinting at that Talisker spice. The aromas are complex and reserved, with fragrant and lightly oily top notes backed by a salty sea-breeze and a whiff of new hessian sacks, and beneath this a sweet suggestion of toffee. Even a drop of water reduces the complexity, as it releases a hint of shoreline rock pool and a thread of volcanic smoke.

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Ultra-smooth, oily and slightly waxy in texture, the taste sweet to start, with saltiness, white pepper-spice and subtle smokiness, complete with a familiar peppery kick at the back, all combining to make this an experience to savour throughout. Thoroughly confident in character, it is easy to enjoy straight. A little water raises the sweetness at first, and cools the palate overall, though the pepper and smoke still come through.

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Long, warming and sweet-smoky, with a lingering mouth-cooling aftertaste. More of this menthol-like effect is noticeable at reduced strength.

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