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The Singleton of Dufftown1985- Single Malt Scotch Whisky- Prima and Ultima Fourth Release

70cl / 47.7% ABV

The Singleton of Dufftown 1985 bottle with box
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Casks which would have otherwise been used as part of a blend were rediscovered during the acquisition of a warehouse. The result is a thirty seven year old masterpiece from the last The Singleton of Dufftown 1985 casks. Slow crafting is the key to The Singleton depth of flavour and this elegant expression is no exception, with a fruity nose and lightly oily smooth texture formed by patient years in cask.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep amber, light walnut. No beading, long legs.

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Mellow in feel, with very light prickle. The top notes begin oily and soon become fruity, suggesting a ripe Ogen melon or poached pears and baked apple. Beneath this there lie traces of flaked almonds and grated, dried coconut on a base of buttery short-crust pastry. Adding a drop of water moves the fruitiness towards boiled fruit sweets.

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Lightly oily and smooth in texture, and slightly drying. A lightly sweet initial taste, mid-palate, then a spicier suggestion of salt, all briefly evoking a banana fritter. Easy to drink straight, and appreciably softer with water.

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Of good length and elegantly drying, with a lovely, sweet warmth and a lingering aftertaste. Softer overall with water, which introduces a further hint of spice.

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