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Glenkinchie27 Year Old Special Release 2023, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl / 58.3% ABV

Glenkinchie bottle
glenkinchie bottle and box

Reflecting on its fine and delicate nature, our Malt Master drew inspiration from the exquisite porcelain of China’s great dynasties to create the oldest-ever Glenkinchie bottling direct from the distillery. Just as it took countless man-hours to create the precious vases of the great emperors, this rare whisky has been slowly matured for twenty-seven years to achieve an imperiously refined expression of its lush, floral flavours.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep gold, with good beading.​

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A mellow and surprisingly direct nose, with light floral grassiness. As it opens, an immediate citrus note of fresh orange juice edges towards apple juice, soon joined by suggestions of flaked almonds and light vanilla. More meadow-grass aromas develop the floral theme. The vanilla note increases slightly with a drop of water, nestling among sweet meadow scents.​

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Smoothly pleasing in texture and airy to taste; at​ first lightly sweet, then developing a citrus acidity. Fruitier​ then, with a delightfully unexpected rich and round style,​ while becoming lightly drying, with a vibrant oaky spiciness. Appetising and easy to enjoy straight and with water, which softens the spiciness and brings back the initial sweetness.

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Of medium length and rich in character, finishing dry and spicy. A dash of water controls the spiciness nicely.​

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