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MortlachSpecial Release 2023, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl / 58% ABV

Mortlach bottle
mortlach bottle and box

Mortlach is famed for its sweet yet savoury taste, defiantly rare among Speyside malts. Moved by this contrasting spark of umami, our Malt Master drew inspiration from the flavours of Japan, and finished part of this stunning expression in ex-Kanosuke Japanese Whisky casks. To add balance to the sweetness, ex-pinot noir casks were used to finish the remaining part of the whisky, in a combination of the utmost precision.

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Tasting Notes

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Deep gold, with good beading and slow running, thick legs.

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Mild and fresh overall, with fruity top notes of ripe melon and pear that suggest boiled sweets dusted with icing sugar, then fruit pastilles and jellies. Savoury hints of leather and spice underpin the fruit. A drop of water dries the effect yet retains the overall fruitiness while introducing notes of almond and pencil shavings.

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Medium to full.

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Rich, thick and smoothly mouth-filling in texture, with a deep, fruity and rich taste that is at once sweet and gently savoury. Lively throughout, it has an appealing dry spiciness. A dash of water softens it and brings up the sweet fruity note, which is now richer still.

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Long, dry, spicy and warm of heart, with a lingering​ sweet-savoury intensity and a fruity aftertaste that is lightly​ mouth-cooling. More savoury character emerges if a drop of water is added.

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