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Lagavulin12 Year Old Special Release 2023, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl / 56.4% ABV

Lagavulin bottle
lagavulin bottle and box

Inspired by the spirit of intensity and pride that shines through a Lagavulin history more than 200 years long, our Malt Master explores the famed symbols of the ancient Mesoamerican art of tattoo, rich in story and significance. The whisky, finished in Don Julio Añejo tequila casks, pulses with herbal flavours ancient and modern, engraving an indelible story.

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Tasting Notes

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Bright pale sunlight. Good beading and legs.

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The immediate aromas are slightly more medicinal than smoky, showing hints of carbolic soap and soothing rub that soon mingle with aromatic wood smoke from a driftwood bonfire on the beach. As the intense, herbal smoke takes over, a savoury note drifts through it, suggesting barbecued pork. A drop of water reduces the intensity yet adds more maritime and darkly fruity notes, making the smokiness yet more aromatic.​

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At natural strength, the robust texture is creamy-smooth and mouth-filling, while with its ever-richer swirling​ flavours the taste is sweet at first and citrus-like, adds a good sprinkling of salt, then reveals notes of juicy plum in an increasingly smoky and lip-tingling finale. With a dash of water, it’s a little sweeter and smokier still.​

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Long, with a salty tang and finishing very smoky, with just a hint of that light meatiness in a smoky aftertaste that is both lingering and mouth-cooling. It is drying, with a lovely warm-heartedness.

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