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Lagavulin1992 - Single Malt Whisky - Prima & Ultima Second Release

70cl / 47.7% ABV

Lagavulin 1992 Prima and Ultima Second Release

The first of its kind from a small experimental batch matured entirely on Islay in freshly charred American Oak hogsheads, this is a very rare Lagavulin. Time has mellowed the smoky nature of this spirit making it elegantly rounded and smooth in texture. The Prima & Ultima 2nd Release has been personally hand-selected by Master of Malts Maureen Robinson; "I was able to reserve just five of these special casks, all filled on the same day. Lagavulin was the first single malt I tasted and it remains a favourite of mine. With its fine balance this expression is for me a fine white stallion of a malt, in which elegance and restrained smokiness are power enough. The enjoyment of connoisseurs will be ample reward for its long years in cask."

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Tasting Notes

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Rich Amber.

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Mellow aromas of linseed oil and fragrant smoke introduce a smooth texture.

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The lightly sweet and smoky taste starts softly, with a pinch of salt mid-palate, then becomes oaky with vanilla spice and gently drying.

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It quietly builds in intensity and finishes long, leaving a sweet gingery warmth and light smoke in the aftertaste.

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